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Which is Better? 12 Momme or 22 Momme?

Is this scarf 22 momme? 

I received this questions from an Etsy shopper on our Etsy store page recently and although the shopper did not give the reason behind her question, I felt I knew why she was asking. She wanted to know if she was getting a thicker silk scarf versus a thinner one which many will automatically associate with high quality. Who wants thin fabric? The more silk the better, right? 

Well, this all depends on what you are using your scarf for in the first place. One of my absolute favorite scarves of all time was a very thin satin polyester scarf. I did not expect for this scarf to be my favorite when I purchased it and only picked it up because it was the shape and length I needed. However, I found myself reaching for the scarf for everything. All others were quickly abandoned. Why? The scarf allowed air to pass. It was polyester like all my scarves were at the time, but it was so thin that setting my hair line when laying my edges was quick. The product or water used dried faster. When I slept with the wrap it was not as hot and the lighter fabric made any twist and knots easier to sleep on. Yes a thicker scarf seemed nicer, higher quality even, but function is what I was looking for and needed. I needed the scarf to work for my needs, the thickness was actually a negative for this purpose. 


When I began designing a silk scarf for hair wrapping, I tested several momme weights to see which silk momme weight would be best for the reason and use of the scarf. Thinking about my favorite scarf that I used for years until it began to fray, I chose a momme weight that was thick enough for long term use but also thin enough to allow hair styles and edges to set (which may require the drying of the product or water placed in hair) and for comfort while sleeping. No one wants to sleep with a scarf, cap, or turban on their head but if you have to, I believe it is best to be as unaware of its presence as possible. 

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