Phoebe Luna provides overnight protection for hair and skin while you sleep by reducing acne breakouts, overnight hair breakage, dryness, frizz, night sweats, and wrinkles with our all natural 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Original Design 100% Silk Hair Wrap Scarves.

For years I have used scarves as a styling tools and for the protection of certain hair styles at night. There are countless photos of me wearing a scarf just before going out, protecting my edges for bed, even during 30 of my 36 hours of labor. The problem I had was finding a scarf that was the color, size, and style that I needed and would be comfortable with being seen outside of the security of my home. Black satin polyester wraps were the perfect shape and size but at times pull at my hair, heat up, and were strictly for in home use only. Other satin scarves I found were never the right shape or size I needed and while colorful, not a shade that I felt complemented my skin tone or personality. What I needed could not be found; a long hair wrap, made from 100% silk, in a flattering color & design. So I decided to design one.                                                                                                                        

Our versatile 100% silk hair wrapping scarves are available in three vibrant, feminine colors allowing you to leave your home while setting your hair styles, sleep without the concern of appearing less gorgeous or utilize them as a fashion accessory when a pop of color is needed to enhance an ensemble. In our effort to make sure your hair is fully protected we offer our 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase line. These luxurious pillowcases are made from 22 momme silk weight with an envelope closure, allowing us to provide you with the best silk pillowcase at an affordable price that will last. The higher silk momme weight gives you a thicker pillowcase that is durable while the 6 inch flap envelope closure will securely hold your pillow in place avoiding the rips and tears that occur at the seams of hidden zipper closure silk pillowcases. Our silk pillowcases give you the exact same quality as the $80 brands without you paying for the celebrity endorsement. 

I hope you enjoy our colorful silk scarves and ultra smooth silk pillowcases and find them to be a key part of your hair & skin care rituals. Phoebe Luna is Hair Care While You Sleep.

We are committed to global efforts in waste reduction and operate with the least amount of non-reusable waste possible. Where available, please recycle. Phoebe Luna started in the state of California and as of July 2021 relocated to the state of Alabama. Phoebe Luna is a black-owned business and a woman-owned business. Phoebe Luna is hair care for us made by us but is intended for use by all hair types and ethnicities! 

Phoebe Luna

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