We know how hard it can be to find a great silk head scarf for your hair care needs. Not only searching for the right size but also finding a scarf that is made from a good quality, natural material that will not dry hair out and trap heat. Phoebe Luna Silk Hair Wrap Scarves are made from 100% pure mulberry silk with a satin weave making them durable and silky smooth to the touch. Our pure silk head scarves are sized long in order to help keep your silk press straighter longer and protect pineapple bases while tunneling curls up top. See what all the curly girls are raving about while learning how to keep curls overnight and get back the time lost styling and refreshing morning curls. Hand wash recommended and highly advised. 

100% Mulberry Silk
64 x 16 Inches
Machined Hem 
Original Custom Design
Natural Breathable Fabric
Azo-free Dyes

Phoebe Luna Silk Scarves for Hair are long enough to be used for hair wraps and as a silk hair wrap for sleeping. Great for all hair types including but not limited to naturally curly hair, natural hair, relaxed hair, chemically processed hair. Due its ability to retain moisture in hair and skin, pure silk is a great option as a styling tool or hair accessory. 

*Model's head circumference 22 inches. Please note, due to the way in which this scarf is used it is normal to notice some variations in the fabric such as signs of fabric pulling and stretching after use. These types of variations also occur in polyester satin scarves and are considered normal due to the tying of the scarf. 

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Amethyst Long Silk Hair Wrap Scarf

  • Brand: Phoebe Luna
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