Do I Even Need a Silk Pillowcase? Maybe not.

An article or a trusted friend told you that you need a silk pillowcase but do you really ɴᴇᴇᴅ one? Yes, a silk pillowcase is the superior choice for hair and skin but while one person is concerned about wrinkles and frizz, maybe you are only concerned about hair breakage. Another person may suffer from night sweats whereas you are only concerned about moisture retention. So how do you determine which pillowcase fabric is best for you? 

Below I have created an info-graphic that anyone can use to quickly determine which fabric addresses all of your needs in a pillowcase. For example, if my only issue is night sweats, using the chart I can see that cotton and silk both take care of those needs. If I suffer from night sweats and hair breakage, then silk will be the best option. If my complaint is hair breakage and overnight dryness, then my two options are satin polyester and silk. We hope this info-graphic is useful and wish you many good hair mornings. Did you find this info-graphic helpful?