Your attorney is not going to tell you how to save money while using their services but I will!

Attorneys are expensive, not divorce. Do not believe the commonly accepted notion of a financially devastating end to your marriage or child custody case. Instead of giving into the idea of divorce being a massive drain on finances or the cause of soaring debt, learn how to utilize the services of a family law attorney in a cost effective way.

Whether in the beginning stages of separation or well into your attorney-client relationship, the ten tips I offer will change the way in which you manage your interactions with your legal representation. The business relationship you enter into with an attorney could very well be the largest financial transactions completed during your divorce. In hindsight, after two divorce and child custody cases in two different states, I can see where I could have saved thousands. Yes, you read that right, thousands. Learn to use your attorney in a way that best serves you and your wallet.

A word from the author:

One of the biggest lessons life has taught me was through my infant daughter. After spending my entire 20s and half of my 30s believing I could control everything in my life, she showed me just how little control I had. Erasing this false sense of power prepared me for the most challenging time of my life.

I envy young children who have not yet learned fear. Young adults, so ready to take on life, the advantage of each and every opportunity that presents itself without thinking of the consequences. They enjoy a freedom from the mental chains that tether most adults firmly to the ground. It is with some of that freedom in mind that I took a leap of faith in my mid-30s, moving across the country to start the next chapter of my life with my new husband. That exciting leap of faith turned out to be a step away from the freedom over my life that I so naively believed I possessed. The moment I gave birth to our first child, away from my original home, away from family, friends, was the moment I became trapped. An entrapment that happens to many across the country without realizing that something so simple as filing for divorce in a land that is not your own, can essentially strip away the very freedom the United States of America is known for.

One day I will tell my story but for now, it is my great desire and intention to help however I possibly can, other parents who all of a sudden find themselves and their children a part of a system that touts best interest but is used as a weapon by those who do not have the best intentions at heart. I hope to return some of the control that has been taken away, some of the hope that has been dashed and retain some of the thousands that are squandered in an attempt to protect those who do not have a voice.

How to Not Burn Through Your Retainer: What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney and How to Save Thousands
How to Not Burn Through Your Retainer: What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce and Child Custody Attorn..
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