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With all the many products now available for natural curly hair, I am sure I am in the minority when I say that I love Blue Magic. No matter how many products I have tried over the years I always come back to the basics. But I will admit, I do not use Blue Magic for everything. I do not use it for hair straightening like back in the day when it went hand in hand with sitting at a hot stove with a straightening comb. Nor do I use it for oiling my scalp. What I do use it for are knots, twist, and slicked back hair styles. Back in the early 90’s when I was in middle school we were all about 'grease and water' and for me, along with a good scarf and a soft bristle brush, it still works well for me today. I also have a sensitivity to perfumes and creams on my scalp which makes finding a product that does not irritate me an extra challenge. When I use Blue Magic on freshly washed hair it seals in the moisture and when my hair dries it is soft and shiny without being greasy. I never deep condition, use hair mask, or stay any additional steps with my hair. Wash days are simple and easy which works best for me. I will admit I am a lazy natural. The second benefit is the price. A jar of Blue Magic last a year at least and at $2.62 a jar at Walmart, it is a win win for me. Do you use traditional hair grease for time to time or is it a hard pass for you?

Check out my latest YouTube post for a short video on my 'grease and water' twist out.

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