Dear Silk Hair Wrap - An Open Letter

This recognition has been long overdue. Recognition for a relationship that has been constant, steadfast, and unwavering in its support. I am not sure exactly when we met, who introduced us, nor can I pinpoint the year or the exact moment our collaboration began. When I look back I see you have been with me during countless nights, maintaining my freshly straightened hair, keeping the style I spent so much time on in place. Protecting my curls from turning into a frizzy bird’s nest, enabling them to remain smooth and moisturized. I have reached for you as a cover during steamy showers, a quick headband when not in the mood to address my tresses, or to conceal my hair completely after attempting a new styling technique that did not turn out exactly as planned. 

 You have been with me while 'glamming up' for nights out on the town, holding your place right up until the very last minute. Providing protection from humid summer nights for a flawless reveal. You have come to my rescue when I let down a twist too soon and need to revert to a quick top knot, laying my edges. Traveled with me on countless vacations, present for major life events, spending thirty of my thirty-six hours in labor securely wrapped around my head. 

The 28th Hour

There is not a day that goes by in which you are not with me in the early morning hours or late night slumber. You may change your color, pattern, or size, but the one thing that will never change is the special and very important place you hold in my daily life. 


Any words of appreciation for your hair scarf?