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How to Not Burn Through Your Retainer: What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney and How to Save Money by Jennifer Valadez

Tips for how to save money when faced with the cost of hiring a family law attorney. 

If you are deciding if divorce is right for your family but not sure what the next steps are, what to expect, or anything about the judicial system, then this book is for you. While this book is focused on how to save money while using a family law attorney, I will provide you with an overview of the legal process because having an understanding of the family court system will also help you save money and hopefully provide some much needed calm.

Attorneys are expensive, not divorce. Do not believe the commonly accepted notion of a financially devastating end to your marriage or child custody case. Instead of giving into the idea of divorce being a massive drain on finances or the cause of soaring debt, learn how to utilize the services of a family law attorney in a cost effective way.

Whether in the beginning stages of separation or well into your attorney-client relationship, the ten tips I offer will change the way in which you manage your interactions with your legal representation. The business relationship you enter into with an attorney could very well be the largest financial transactions completed during your divorce. In hindsight, after two divorce and child custody cases in two different states, I can see where I could have saved thousands. Yes, you read that right, thousands. Learn to use your attorney in a way that best serves you and your wallet.

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