The Fabric-Embellished Braid

While cruising my Pinterest home feed, I often come across cool videos from people with very talented hands creating beautiful but incredibly intricate braids with ease. They are gorgeous, whimsical, goddess-like twist that I would never be able to achieve alone or maybe never have hair thick enough to justify the attempt. However, there is one style of braid that I believe even I can do.

Photo by Lindsay McGrath on Unsplash

Photo by Yasin Hoşgör on Unsplash

It is the scarf braid or as Vogue highlighted it on their website last month, the ‘Fabric-Embellished Braid’, from a Jonathan Cohen show. Now this idea is not new but it must be picking up some steam if Vogue has bothered to mention it in an article. I have also come across the trend on Instagram and I am a little obsessed. You can have this look by simply braiding a scarf in with your hair braid. A simple Google search will bring up many ideas on how to incorporate and tie the scarf in a braid. There is even a video where a woman ties the scarf around her head as a headband and weaves the scarf ends into her braid. If nothing else, it is a great way to use a silk scarf as an accessory and add an unexpected twist to your look. I needed someone to try this out on so enter stage left, my 2 year-old daughter with her wispy toddler hair and full of leftover wiggles from her Saturday morning ballet class. 


We added a silk scarf to her ponytail with a hair tie in order to attempt a hair twist with the silk scarf in place of one of the two sections of hair required for a twist. Next we tried a traditional braid with the silk scarf replacing one of the three sections of hair needed for the braid. Not too bad for our first try, right? What do you think of the fabric-embellished braid?