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How to Select the Best Silk Pillowcase for Your Budget

So you have heard about all of the benefits of a silk pillowcase but you are not really sure where to start, what to look for, or how to know if you are getting a good silk pillowcase that is right for you. If you are new to silk, this quick and dirty guide will give you more than enough tips to ensure you are getting the best silk pillowcase for your needs and your budget. 

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Silk Grade

Look for Grade A silk. Grade 6A will be your top quality silk with 5A coming in second. Grade 5A silk still qualifies for a participation trophy because it is of very good quality and a great option. We could go into more detail about the differences between each grade level of silk but just know, if you see one of the two listed here, you are on the right track.

Momme Weight

You are familiar with thread count when it comes to cotton but the thing to look for with silk is momme weight. What is momme? Momme is a Japanese unit of weight, which is very interesting indeed but you are here for a quick guide, right? The higher the momme, the thicker, more substantial the silk fabric will be and therefore more durable. More durable means it will last and in the long run cost you less money. If you are able, look for a pillowcase with 19 momme or higher. If you find a pillowcase with a lower momme weight it will work well too but it may not last you very long. Thin fabric is more prone to rips and wear especially if you are using a zipper enclosure.


Ah yes. The weave will determine whether you are gliding across your silk pillowcase at night on a slick cool surface or if you are simply enjoying a cool surface. Both options come with the assurance that you are doing the best you can do to protect your hair. But, if you are like me, indulging in a little extra comfort and luxury where I can afford it is exactly where I want to be. Sleeping on silk has a lot of great benefits but a charmeuse or satin weave takes it to a higher level. There are many different textile weaves and when most people hear satin they do not think of silk. Satin is not a type of fabric like cotton or rayon for example but a type of weave process where the fabric has a high luster on one side and is dull on the opposite side. Silk pillowcases in a charmeuse or satin weave will have a shiny and super smooth appearance and feel. This type of textile weave will allow you to experience the ultimate comfort while you rest without friction or resistance from your pillowcase. If you want to indulge yourself just a little more, look for charmeuse or satin. 


My first silk pillowcase (lifted from my grandmother’s house almost 20 years ago) had an opening just like a traditional pillowcase. And yes, from time to time my pillow tried to make its way out of the case at night. This concern is why many people say they have to have a zipper enclosure. Personally, I always find myself coming into contact with the actual zipper piece so my preference is an envelope closure. If you prefer an envelope closure but are concerned about your pillow escaping your silk pillowcase in the middle of the night take notice of the measurement for the envelope enclosure flap. The two envelope enclosure silk pillowcases I have in rotation now have a flap measuring approximately 6 inches. My pillow has never made even a small attempt to escape. Not once.

Clear information

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

As with anything you purchase, if you have to read between the lines or hunt for the product details, it is probably not a product that will meet your expectations. If the pillowcase is made from quality silk, the description will mention it where it can be easily found. Any company will proudly display and highlight what makes their product good and what makes them the absolute best. If you cannot find it up front, you may be better off searching elsewhere.