CHOOSE THE SILK SCARF THAT WAS DESIGNED AND SIZED WITH PINEAPPLE BASES AND SILK PRESSES IN MIND. Sized long in order to wrap around the head twice with an adequate length remaining to tie or tuck. Made from 100% mulberry silk, our silk scarves for hair care will assist you in achieving a silky smooth appearance while locking in moisture, preventing hair breakage, and protecting the most delicate hairs on your head. Highly rated by curly girls all over the world on Etsy, this popular silk wrap scarf helps to extend wash days in comfort and style. With all you do to maintain your hair, make sure your cotton or synthetic fabric scarf is not working against all of your efforts. Check out our feature on Sierra Schultzzie's YouTube Channel and choose from one or all of our three color options below. 

100% Mulberry Silk

Azo-free Dyes

Size 64 x 16 Inches

Machined Hem 

Original Custom Design

Natural Breathable Fabric

Phoebe Luna Silk Scarves for Hair are long enough to be used for adorning a hair braid, hair wraps, headband, around ponytails, as a sleeping scarf, styling, or as a fashion accessory. Multiple uses and possibilities. 

*Please note, due to the way in which this scarf is used, it is normal to notice some variations in the fabric such as signs of fabric pulling and stretching with use. These types of variations also occur in polyester satin scarves and are considered normal due to the tying of the scarf. Model's head circumference 22 inches.

Click on the link below to check out the instructional video on how to tie a silk scarf for night time use that will stay on, most nights, without slipping off or causing headaches!

*How to Tie a Silk Scarf for Minimal Slip

PURE SILK: 100% 12 momme mulberry silk is a natural breathable fabric that will help retain moisture without trapping heat. Phoebe Luna silk scarves are made with AZO-free dyes. Size 64 x 16.

DESIGNED FOR HAIR CARE & STYLE: Choose the silk scarf designed with your hair care needs in mind. Sized long in order to wrap around the head twice with an adequate length remaining to tie or tuck. Phoebe Luna Silk Scarves are vibrantly colored making them a great alternative to the traditional black satin polyester scarves. Phoebe Luna Silk Hair Wrapping Scarves can be used as a fashion accessory for hair or to serve as that pop of color needed to enhance any ensemble. Bring out your inner goddess with Phoebe Luna

USES: Smoothing edges, wrapping hair, sleeping scarf, head scarf, long enough for scarf braids, style as a headband, ponytail accessory, belt, around neck or waist. For all hair types and treatments including natural hair, curly hair, and relaxed hair. 

Silk Care Instructions

  • Hand wash recommended and strongly encouraged.
  • If machine washing, place silk in a mesh laundry bag prior to loading in the machine.
  • Use a mild soap or a mild pH neutral laundry detergent without harsh chemicals or any detergent that specifically mentions silk.
  • Air dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Take care not to wash your silk in warm or hot water.
  • Heat will dramatically change the fabric. 
  • Harsh detergents will also change the look and feel of the fabric.
  • Machine wash on cold or in lukewarm water.
  • No bleach. 

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