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Phoebe Luna on Schultzzie's YouTube Channel!

Check us out on body positive social media influencer Sierra Schultizzie's YouTube Channel!

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The Pineapple Method - Protect Your Curls Overnight

Keep your curls high and away from your head and your pillow with the Pineapple Method.

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Silk Pillowcases on Amazon

Read this before purchasing your next silk pillowcase on Amazon.

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No Heat Curls

Want curls and waves but hate the heat. Check out this video and wake up with curls that will last all day.

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Blue Magic & Water Twist Out

No matter how many products I have tried over the years, I always come back to this old school hair product.

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Dear Silk Hair Wrap - An Open Letter

Just a few reasons why my silk hair scarf is so important to me.

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Do I Even Need a Silk Pillowcase? Maybe not.

You have heard of the benefits of silk but to you actually need a silk pillowcase? Use this info-graphic to determine which pillowcase fabric works best for your needs.

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How to Select the Best Silk Pillowcase for Your Budget

A quick guide on what to look for when selecting a silk pillowcase.

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How to Tie a Silk Scarf for Overnight Hair Wrapping

How to tie a scarf that will not slip off. Most nights.

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The Fabric-Embellished Braid

Spotlight on the scarves in a hair braid trend. How to incorporate a scarf into a hair braid.

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