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There are a lot of 22 momme silk scarves, caps, and turbans on the market. Why does Phoebe Luna use 12 momme silk weight for its scarves? Find out here.


Wash-n-Go. The Ultimate Hair Freedom or the Cause of Hair Damage


Check us out on body positive social media influencer Sierra Schultizzie's YouTube Channel!


Keep your curls high and away from your head and your pillow with the Pineapple Method.


Read this before purchasing your next silk pillowcase on Amazon.


Want curls and waves but hate the heat. Check out this video and wake up with curls that will last all day.


No matter how many products I have tried over the years, I always come back to this old school hair product.


Just a few reasons why my silk hair scarf is so important to me.


You have heard of the benefits of silk but to you actually need a silk pillowcase? Use this info-graphic to determine which pillowcase fabric works best for your needs.


A quick guide on what to look for when selecting a silk pillowcase.

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