LAST CHANCE - BROKEN BOX - Mulberry Silk Pillowcases! ONLY ONE(1) CASE REMAIN.

Silk Pillowcases on Amazon

Can you find a silk pillowcase on Amazon for less money? Absolutely, but remember, saving money in the short run does not always save you money in the long run. If you want a silk pillowcase that will last for years, it is better to invest in a high quality case upfront. There are a few silk manufacturers selling directly to the customer on Amazon but in most cases, the case they are offering is a lower silk momme or possess a difference from the cases they produce for the business that sell to the consumer. 

The cheaper silk pillowcases will be a lower silk momme weight which is thinner, fragile, and come with a hidden zipper closure making it susceptible to rips and tears at the seams (see photos). The quality of the silk fibers used to weave the fabric will be a lower grade or leave you questioning if the case is in fact made from real silk. I have taken the guesswork out of finding a high quality silk pillowcase for you. 

By offering a high quality case at a great price, you can be sure a Phoebe Luna Mulberry Silk Pillowcase will give you everything you need without taking a chance on an Amazon steal of a deal. We invite you to compare our cases with the high end brands and see for yourself.

Which is more important to you, quality or price? Let me know your thoughts below.