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The former beauty outcast is back and now more popular than ever. Avoid hair breakage by using a pure silk option. Whether for a nighttime pineapple, nighttime face washing, or to add a feminine touch to a hairstyle, one thing is for sure. You can never have enough scrunchies! Silk scrunchies make great gift for women and girls of all ages. Choose from our three colors: Crystal Moon, Coco Couture, and a more modern pink version we call Peony Blush.

Twenty years ago, Sex in the City gave scrunchies a bad name, banishing them to at home use only. Suitable for holding hair back while face washing and not much more. One of the easiest ponytail and bun holders has now made their way back to see the light of day.

What I love about these scrunchies is the slip they provide for curly hair. Regular scrunchies can grab at curly strands causing them to snap when removed. While they  work great for my daughter who has straight hair, for myself and even my child with loose long curls, using a scrunchie was a risk. This silk option is the answer. I offer two natural hair colors and one for fun, because a girl has to have a little fun and what better way than adding a touch of pink. 

As a mom to toddler with with abnormally long hair, a scrunchie is always nearby. Skinny scrunchies for her hair is that they stay on and are easy to remove. No pulled strands and no chasing all over the house trying to finish a style. Perfectly sized for little girls but great for adults as well. The Toddler Silk Scrunchie option can be used for adults and children alike. 

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