LAST CHANCE to take advantage of our queen size Mulberry Silk Pillowcases! ONLY ONE(1) CASE REMAIN.

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Do not spend another night sleeping on a cotton or hot polyester satin pillowcase. Try our all natural 100% silk pillowcase, and we are confident you will never want to sleep on anything else. Phoebe Luna 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are great for hair and skin and come with an envelope closure for maximum comfort while you rest. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase for curly hair or straight hair reduces frizz, retains moisture, and protects hair from breakage. Try one of the best silk pillowcases online today and experience the luxurious softness and silk pillowcase benefits of our white silk pillowcase in Ivory or our pink silk pillowcase in Dusty Rose.

*If you are new to silk and would like more information on the fabric and where it comes from, click on the hyperlinks for an in depth read. silk is by definition, A fiber produced by silkworms to form cocoons. Silk is strong, flexible, and fibrous, and is essentially a long continuous strand of protein. It is widely used to make thread and fabric.  The production and use of silk dates back centuries originating in ancient China mulberry silk come from silk worm of the moth Bombyx Mori that feeds on the leave of white Mulberry trees, Morus Alba. The major components of silk weaved by Bombyx mori are fibroin and sericin. Read more about the benefits of sericin here which has a high hydroxy amino acid content. No need to google 'silk pillowcase amazon' when the silk pillowcase you are looking for it right here.

100% Mulberry Silk

22 Momme  Weight

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Azo-free Dyes

Queen Size 20 x 30

Envelope Closure

*Hand wash before use. If you need to know how to wash a silk pillowcase or any of our silk products, click here.

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